Coronavirus 19

We are all being bombarded with news of this global pandemic.  News broadcasts tell us about the devastating impact this virus is going to have on all of us, with lives and livelihoods lost.  So far we still don’t know how and when the Covid-19 virus will be eliminated and how we will resume our lives in what will be a very different world.

I wanted to say that although I cannot offer face-to-face consultations, I am here for anyone who is finding this too much to handle, especially those who already suffer with Anxiety, depression, poor sleep and negative habits that may get worse during this time of isolation.

I am offering face-to face sessions over live video link and then following up by sending personal recordings.  I have reduced my usual fee during this lockdown period to £55 session (inc 30 minute video consultation and a personal recording).

If I can help you please contact me though the contact page or email me at or phone text/call 07834 666979.  Please leave a message and I will get back to you.

Stay safe, stay at home and keep your distance.


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