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Welcome to Strong Minds


A confidential Hypnotherapy and Coaching Practice in Winchester, Hampshire

Latest CORONAVIRUS UPDATE 5th November 2020

I am pleased to announce that in light of the latest lockdown the Government has allowed Mental Health Practitioners and support therapists working one to one to continue seeing clients under the Coronavirus safety guidelines. 

I will continue conducting face-to-face sessions and will be following Government Guidelines fully, in fact beyond the guidelines, your health and safety are my main priority. The practice is continuously deep cleaned and between every session every surface that has had any contact will also be cleaned thoroughly.  We will respect social distancing with zero contact i.e. no hand shakes, not touching door handles etc. and no risk of any contact with other people in the building.  I will also be reducing the number of clients I see each day so that the practice can be cleaned thoroughly between each client.  You will be as safe as I can possibly make it.

With the lockdown and uncertainty anxiety has risen hugely with fear of career, business and personal safety and security.  Here in Winchester I can and will help you to find new ways of coping. Please call me, I am here to help you manage and find your way, a new way.

Since ‘Lockdown’ I have helped clients nationwide and worldwide using Zoom video to conduct sessions which has proved highly effective.  I continue to do this with amazing results.  So if you’re too far away to get to me personally or you’re vulnerable and wish to remain in the safety of your own home, we can still connect, and I can still help you.  Whether you are in Birmingham or Brisbane, Sandbanks or Seychelles the internet will bridge the gap.

Please contact me though the contact page or email me at or call/text me in confidence 07834 666979.



As a fully qualified and experienced hypnotherapist I am dedicated to enriching the quality of my clients lives through Hypnotherapy, Coaching and Mindfulness based Meditation.

Through a combination of therapies and years of experience I can help you to improve your health, self esteem, become a non smoker, reduce your weight and rid yourself of anxiety, restrictive habits, fears and phobias.

Start a fresh new life now, contact me so I can explain how I can help you live your life to its fullest potential.

Hypnotherapy – the power to change your mind

Strong Minds Hypnotherapy Winchester and Hampshire is a confidential private practice located in Winchester. It is my mission and passion to help my clients move forwards with their lives quickly, painlessly and effectively.

We all have the ability to change and to live a more fulfilling life, one that is not hampered by low self esteem, limiting beliefs, negative habits, fears, phobias, anxiety or stress etc.

Hypnotherapy will help you to Increase your Self Esteem – Stop Smoking – Cure Addictions – Overcome Anxiety and Stress – Lose Weight and release Negative Habits – Banish Fears and Phobias.

Specialist Hypnotherapy Areas and Services

Career Coaching – Stress Management – Better Performance and Confidence – Sports Performance – Releasing Unwanted Habits – Stop Smoking – Weight Loss – Anxiety – Addictions, and much more.

Working with me will help you to find a new path forwards with your life.  Please call me so that I can explain how I can help you to improve your life dramatically.  My testimonials and credentials speak for themselves.

If you desire to create change now then there are recordings that offer improved sleep, weight loss, reduce anxiety, stop smoking or general relaxation here  Audio page.

I can also provide MP3/CD’s that clients can have made personally and specifically to their personal requirments. These are recorded after an initial telephone or Skype consultation so that they can be professionally produced.

Recent Testimonials

March 2020

Hello Nigel
Thank you for your kind words.
I thought I would feedback to you that on Friday and Saturday nights, after seeing you on Friday, I slept through the night other than very brief wakings, and last night was much better than my normal pattern. I’m so pleased about that!
Thank you for your help, I really do feels much better!

April 2020

Hello Nigel, I hope you’re keeping well during these very strange and challenging times!  I just wanted to give you some feedback on Harrison to let you know he is doing brilliantly and has not taken any substances since his sessions with you. He is also much more relaxed and less anxious than he was. His Key worker is over the moon with his progress and believes he will be able to sign him off his visits in the very near future. Many thanks for your professional support with Harrison  – I feel like a dark, black cloud has lifted and we are smiling again.

Please contact me