Weight Loss

Weight Loss

The truth is that most diets are based on restricting your food intake, whether it be limiting carbohydrates, eating no fat, the list goes on as more and more diets hit the media limelight. Yet they are generally set up to fail in the long run.

The problem with diets is that the subconscious senses you are subjecting yourself to deprivation. So when the weight has been lost, whether all that was intended or part, your subconscious will simply return to its original state, and in some cases the body starts to store more fat preparing for future restrictions that it may be subjected to. It’s a primeval survival process still held deep within our genetic make up.

So if deprivation and diets don’t work, what will?


Hypnotherapy will work for you. It’s a powerful and safe way to start losing weight because hypnotherapy changes your subconscious view to eating and creates a healthier relationship with food by changing your emotions from when the original weight gain started.

My professional hypnotherapy sessions work because they are personal to you and you alone. I will help you safely access the subconscious behaviour which allows you to change from the inside; this will benefit every aspect of your wellbeing into one of enjoyment as you venture out on a completely sustainable new journey of weight loss. Actually feeling good about losing weight – How good does that sound and feel?

Hypnotherapy helps change your relationship with food, so instead of feeling denial you will feel great! Instead of choosing weight gaining foods or over-eating, you will feel healthy and inspired while you are on your positive weightloss journey.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to lose weight easily by feeling less of a craving for bad foods and a greater desire to do what’s good for you? Imagine if being healthy was no longer a struggle but a genuine pleasure. It’s all about what’s happening inside our mind that really counts.

I will help you to permanently change your relationship with food, enabling you to lose weight, take back control, and ultimately become the size and shape you desire. At last, a journey of weight loss that’s actually enjoyable.

Please contact me to make an appointment so that you can start creating the changes you desire. However, if you are unable to make a personal appointment my Strong Minds Slim MP3 can be downloaded immediately. Let your journey begin today, not tomorrow or the next day, start now.

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