What is Hypnotherapy ?

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is used for the purpose of gaining access to the subconscious mind where positive changes can and will be made. Hypnotherapy can only help you to achieve what you desire and cannot make you do anything that you would not want to do – television or stage shows will lead you to believe that it can make you do things you wouldn’t dream of doing. This is a myth. Our subconscious mind has no filters as such, the conscious mind on the other hand is analytical and constantly evaluates through all our senses and makes judgements and decisions through communication with the subconscious based on previous experiences, learnings and beliefs.

The subconscious is the creative part of our mind where all our anxieties/stresshabits, such as smoking, over eating, poor sleep, fears and phobias are stored, some wanted and needed and others that are restrictive which have slipped in through the conscious mind. Safely accessing the subconscious of an individual’s mind through hypnosis enables positive changes to behaviours and emotions.

So unlike stage hypnosis, and the two must not be confused, a Clinical Hypnotherapist will only work on what your needs are and nothing more. In fact it’s actually impossible to make someone do something they don’t want to do when in hypnosis. You are always safe and secure and may be aware of what’s being said during the hypnosis session itself.  Again there is no particular depth of trance required – simply being rested will enable the suggestions for change to be absorbed into the subconscious naturally and easily.

Hypnotherapy itself is an enjoyable experience and is a very safe therapeutic communication to the creative subconscious mind and is able to influence new, more desirable automatic behaviours of choice. You will find the experience the most relaxing way to rid yourself of unwanted behaviours.

Using the analogy of a malfunctioning computer, although the hardware itself is not broken there may be a certain piece of software (subconscious limiting belief/behaviour) running in the computer that has somehow become corrupted. I help to delete the corrupted software within your subconscious and replace it with a new programme that helps you overcome what you desire to change or feel.

Hypnotherapy conducted by a fully trained and experienced Practitioner like myself will help you achieve what it is you wish to change and nothing more. You will always be safe and secure with the propensity to achieve a positive outcome.

Self-hypnosis is also possible to learn; once learnt it enables an individual to make significant changes to what they wish to change. It involves taking yourself safely into a state of deep relaxation and accepting words and suggestions spoken or created by yourself, or recorded by a clinical hypnotherapist known as Guided Hypnosis, similar to the therapy recordings available through my Therapy Recordings.

Hypnotherapy can help you achieve amazingly positive changes to your life.

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