Cancer care and Support

Cancer care and Support

Through my extensive work in Clinical Hypnotherapy I am the appointed therapist at the Breast Cancer Haven Wessex.
Breast Cancer Haven is the national charity offering care, support, information and complementary therapies to those affected by breast cancer.

How can hypnotherapy help those affected by cancer?

Whilst hypnotherapy will not cure cancer, there is significant research evidence that Clinical Hypnotherapy can support healing, alongside conventional treatment, by creating a greater relaxed and positive state of mind. A relaxed state of mind helps the mind and body connect, this helps the healing process.

The reason why hypnotherapy can help overcome cancer works in many ways to relieve the stress response is because the mind, body and spirit are all connected. The advances in medical science in this field has been largely due to a greater understanding of how the body works; this in turn has led to the emphasis of treatment being physical such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy. It is now understood that the mind plays an integral part in the effectiveness of these treatments.

Relaxation versus stress.

Being stressed and anxious reduces the immune system. And of course and understandably finding out that you have cancer is initially extremely stressful. Stress is an attitude of mind; you cannot control the entire external world but you can decide how you are going to react to it within the state of your own mind.  Relaxation techniques improve your chances of healing and creating a more positive state of mind.

Hypnotherapy – Highly effective mental support.

Hypnotherapy is a very effective way of reducing the stress response. When you have your first hypnotherapy session I will probably take you through a progressive relaxation, relaxing first the body and then the mind. I am able to provide clients with relaxation techniques and recordings to help them relax.  After a little practice you will find that you can reduce your stress and increase your relaxation and feel much better as a result.

Mind and body connected.

The relationship between the mind and the immune system are inter-connected, hypnotherapy encourages the mind to connect with the immune system, and focuses on the beneficial effects.

Getting well
Focusing on positive outcomes
Preparation for Surgery
Self Confidence and Empowerment
Pain Management

How will it feel?

When you experience professional clinical hypnosis you can learn to:

Feel relaxed and more secure.
Become open to positive suggestions.
Be encouraged to clearly see yourself acting and feeling different by the powerful practice
 known as mental imagery.

Today February 2020 a quote and an inspiration from one of the clients I worked with today.

As many of you all know I am the Wessex Breast Cancer Haven Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Today one of my lovely clients that I have had the pleasure to support over 4 sessions that concluded today, said the words that inspire me to do the work (not work) I do.

Her parting words to me were “I never thought I’d be able to reconnect with my positive thoughts, feelings and emotions ever again, but I have now, thank you”

I love working with the inspirational clients that come to me through my professional practice in Winchester and Breast Cancer Haven Wessex, in fact it’s not work, as I mentioned before, it’s being there to help create positive change. Release anxiety, fear and pain to regaining sleep and the elusive negative thoughts.

It’s time for change, let me help you.

Contact me.

If you have recently been diagnosed with cancer, are undergoing treatment, or are post treatment but still live with the underlying fear of its return, then please contact me and we can discuss how I can help you.

Creating a more positive relaxed state of mind helps the body to repair and cure.