March 2020

Client who was suffering from poor sleep most of her adult life.

Hello Nigel

Thank you for your kind words.

I thought I would feedback to you that on Friday and Saturday nights, after seeing you on Friday, I slept through the night other than very brief wakings, and last night was much better than my normal pattern. I’m so pleased about that!
Thank you for your help, I do feel better!
Kind regards
AS – Winchester

Weight Loss Testimonials

I found meeting with Nigel an original and enlightening experience, I originally arrived concerned over my weight but discovered there was so much more going on, our meetings have helped me to clarify things and have realised it is good to talk, I am now learning how to improve myself and like myself a more and this has helped the weight fall off.

HR – London

Hi Nigel,

I am amazed with the changes. Not sure how these changes have happened but they have and they have very easily.

  • Food does not appear to be in my thoughts as it used to.
  • Not feeling tempted about the type of food I would associate with having a lovely relaxing drink at the pub on a sunny evening. Not even interested in the same drinks! Tonight had a tomato juice and diet coke. Not tempted or even thought about my lovely dry roasted peanuts.
  • Genuinely feeling and visualising my stomach being a third of its size. My appetite is the third of what it was. I am eating a third of my normal plate and walking away from the food with ease!!!! 
  • I listened to the recording last night and will tonight. I am genuinely believing this is going to work based on what has been happening to me since we first met.
  • I feel in control without worrying about being in control if this makes sense. I am noticing that my relationship with food seems to have changed and  am not worried about the thought of food or eating.
  • I have a strong desire to move ahead and do not seem to be dwelling on the past or the past struggle. All steam ahead it feels.

Thank you so much for making weight loss so painless and enjoyable, and you did this so quickly, I’m amazed, the power of the mind eh?

CH – Andover

Smoking Testimonials

I made an appointment with Nigel to stop smoking and also came away with a wonderful new approach to life.
The ‘appointment’ was actually a process; adapting to a new way of thinking and living – and without the desire to smoke!
I cannot recommend Nigel highly enough.

Natalie – Basingstoke

Dear Nigel

I’m feeling really really good. No smoking, no urges, been running and polishing my halo.  Hypnotherapy cured me so quickly I am in genuine shock.  More people who want to stop smoking should come and see you.

Thank you for all your help and support.

LS – Winchester

Hi Nigel, 
It is really great to be smoke free. I have got little urges to go and have a smoke but then I think of the awful taste.
It is just a question of removing those ‘breaks’ from my routine.  Time is also great – not wasting it on smoking anymore!
Also ‘morning mouth’ is gone. It used to be so bad some mornings that my dog used to approach me, sniff and then back off.!!!!!!!!!!!! J

JM – Southampton

Hi Nigel
Your stop smoking programme has really worked and 6 weeks in I can honestly say that the results have been amazing!! Thank you so much after years of trying to quit, You succeeded in 7 days where all the other chemical substitutes had failed miserably. I don’t even get any urges and I feel so much healthier and clearer headed.

I think its improved my self esteem, and no weight gain which you assured me would not be an issue, in fact I think I’ve even lost weight!

Thank you so much

Louise – Farnham


WOW! I feel like everything has sunk in. I still get a little twinge every now and then, but then remind my self that a cigarette is nothing to look forward to and won’t even be enjoyed in the moments I am smoking it. The first thing I did when I got home yesterday was throw all my cigarette materials in the bin. I feel more free and clearer in in my body and mind already – I hope this continues!

I can’t thank you enough for your support. You have helped me with a very significant step into my adulthood – I honestly could not have wished for a better “guide”!

I received the recording that you shared via Dropbox, thank you also for that.

Hope you are having a nice weekend,

All the best,

Jess – Winchester

Sleep Testimonials

Dear Nigel

Everything is going really well and i wanted to thank you so much. In fact, so much so that at the moment I am sleeping very well all night.  I haven’t yet listened to or used the recording you made for me, but I have
it just in case I have issues getting to sleep again.

So thank you very very much- You really helped me.

Take care

ZR – Newbury
The past few days have been just fine. I’ve had a few anxious moments of worry but overall my mind seems to be calming down nicely and I keep asking myself, how does it serve me to worry about things that I can’t control? And certainly my body is physically much calmer – I still have a slight trace of butterflies in the tummy but nothing like it was before. Everything seems to be settling. I guess in a way my body experienced a kind of trauma so no wonder it took a while to calm down, as well as my mind.

I’ve also been sleeping just fine and for the first time in years. Each night when I go to bed I have wondered – I wonder if I’ll sleep tonight? But every night I have just drifted off after listening to your fabulous sleep hypnosis recording!  I’m also starting to get a more confidence back. Last night I think I only got about 5 minutes in before I dozed off! So it looks as though my body and mind is getting back into a natural pattern. But I guess the key thing is I’m learning to be less scared of having a sleepless night in the first place, and that in itself makes me more relaxed and likely to sleep. 

Helen L – Winchester

Confidence/Anxiety Testimonials

Hi Nigel

First of all I want to say thank you for last nights session.
It really was great to meet you. I had a good feeling before we met,
and I am really happy I was right!

It’s hard to put into words how I felt on the way home on the train back to London,
but I couldn’t stop smiling and at one point I was laughing out loud!
Bizarre!! ha I felt my old self, is the closest I could put it, and I haven’t
felt like that for a good while. No shackles. Free and open to be me.
I know it’s early days, but positivity is the way forward and I am feeling 
so much better after your session. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart. 
Even getting on the wrong train didn’t disturb my mood!! haha

And Day 1 for me so far, is a day with no tears. I can feel them in the distance,
but I am able to keep them at bay. So, not right yet, but on the mend. 
Incredible really.  Weeks of pain taken away in one session, amazing. The subconscious 
is now doing what I want it to do! Phew!!

So, it goes without saying that I want to keep these sessions up for a while.
Kick this thing into touch once and for all. And as you know, I need to talk
about a few other things that I think you can help with. How does this Monday
sound to you?

DG – London

Dear Nigel,  

I felt so much more positive after our session.  It’s good to verbalise your thoughts and to get more perspective on negative cycles that the mind creates.  I feel I’m now able to think in the moment and the new way of thinking will continue. You have started to change my life in a very positive way. Thank you.

Anna – Hamble

When I first approached Nigel I did so in complete secrecy, I hadn’t told anyone. Even after the first session I could feel good about myself and it gave me time to mull thought over about how I could change myself. After the hypnotherapy itself I was amazed at how different I felt, the mental effects of even talking to someone were noticably different and I’m sure they went deep enough to benefit me long into the future. I would have no hesitation in recommending Nigel 

Nicola – Alton