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Hypnotherapy to quit smoking

The biggest part of quitting smoking is the letting go of the smoking routine you once had and looking at cigarettes differently. Hypnotherapy has become one of the most popular forms of treatment to help people stop smoking and is recognised by the British Medical Association (BMA) as the most effective way of quitting.

If you seriously want to give up smoking effectively, painlessly and without the use of the many chemical options that are on offer you should seriously consider hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy works most effectively when you really want to quit.

Hypnotherapy works by guiding you into a deep, relaxed state where your subconscious mind is more open to suggestion. At the point when you are simply relaxed, your mind will be receptive to changing your thought patterns towards smoking. For so many of my clients my two session programme has proven to be highly effective and they are amazed at just how easy it was for them to walk away from the habit that had been restricting their lives in so many ways.

The benefits of quitting

It is important to know that it is never too late to quit. The sooner you stop smoking the faster your body will recover and the risk of developing life-threatening conditions will decrease.

When you quit through my personal programme you can look forward to:

A longer life expectancy

Not only will you have a longer life if you stop smoking, you will also have fewer health problems making for a happier, more independent later life.

More energy

When you quit smoking you will be lowering the carbon monoxide levels in your body allowing your lungs and muscles to work the way they should. More oxygen will be supplied to your brain which will help you feel more energised and awake. You will also find that you sleep better without nicotine and the other life threatening chemicals in your system.

A stronger immune system

When you smoke your immune system is lowered making you more susceptible to colds and flu. When you quit smoking your immune system gets a boost, which means you will pick up less illnesses and feel healthier all round.

More money

Money is not the only motivator but you should do the sums. When they say you can’t buy back time, by quitting you will be doing just that; it’s one therapy where you get your money back and your life.

Better breathing

Your lungs will clear and you will have greater lung capacity therefore reducing the risk of ill health, now and in the future.

Reduced stress levels

Many smokers reach for a cigarette when they are feeling stressed and whilst the immediate hit of nicotine after withdrawal may make you feel relaxed at first, in the long term, smoking only increases stress levels. Studies show that ex-smokers are less stressed than they were when they were smoking.

Younger looking skin

Smoking prematurely ages the skin making it dull, dry and prone to wrinkles. When you stop smoking this effect is reversed as your skin can receive the nutrients it needs. This means that in time you will notice that your complexion brightens and lines will be reduced.

Better sense of taste and smell

The chemicals in cigarettes dull taste buds and affect the way you smell; quitting smoking will bring these senses back into your life again.

Greater care for your loved ones

Did you know that your clothes and skin retain cigarette particles after you have put the cigarette out? By quitting now you will be reducing the risk of your loved ones developing smoking related illnesses.

Book an appointment now or get started straight away by downloading the Therapy Audio for stop smoking.  This is a generic recording and can help you take the first step.  A personal session is obviously far more effective.

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