Setting goals through the winter months – Combat SAD!

Setting your targets through the winter months.

We all know how important it is to have goals in our lives, but how many of us actually set our goals down on paper and realise them?

So lets not wait for the usual round of New Years resolutions, lets start here, right now, today! Truly in the moment make a date with yourself to do them now.

The last thing you want when your struggling through the shorter days is to be struggling with your goals, so lets make them smaller, achievable goals that will set you up for each and every day feeling motivated to keep going.

Keep them Short, Sweet & Simple (SSS).

Maybe your goal is something you desire to either venture into for the first time, start running, eat healthier, go on that trip/weekend, start a new hobby. Or it could be something that was important to you, something you used to do but let it slip away.

Start by brainstorming with yourself, write down as many ideas that come into your head, the sooner you start, the sooner you will begin to have a new exciting journey to look forward to. rather than hiding away, stuck in the winter gloom.

Pick up the pen

Now its important that you are setting your target to be desirable and achievable, don’t make the mistake of setting unachievable goals, don’t make then too easy either, but they shouldn’t be a struggle. After all you want to enjoy the journey don’t you, they are your personal goals, no one else’s!

Whittle your goals down to just 3 or 5  (you may only have 2, but they mean something to you)

Set reasons next to the goal, why they are important to you and for you? What will you need to do to start the journey? It could be a walk/run around the block if starting to run is a goal. Or throw away all the rubbish food in the cupboard/fridge if eating healthier is a goal.

And then set yourself your start date, no better time than the present moment!

Remember to write down why the goals are important and how you will feel when you’ve achieved them. One at a time to start with, too many and you will overload and potentially give up.

Enjoy your journey

Putting together all my tips and adding your own will be your personal winter survival pack.

My tips will remain on the website so dip back in when you need to, I will keep posting new thoughts and ideas that will help you over the months to come, so lets go on this journey together.

If you feel a Personal Coach could help you either face to face or online, you know where to find me.