This is my New Website

I have recently commissioned a really quite amazing web designer and creator a chap called Martin who runs a company called Still Moving.  He has many talents and it’s worth checking out his music.

So here is the new ‘soft launch’ website.

It’s incredibly exciting and over the next few days/weeks it will be transformed further and be able to provide much more information on the therapies I specialise in to help my clients live a better life.  From NLP Coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy, MBCBT (Mindfulness Based CBT), Performance Coaching in the work place and athletically whether that’s on the golf course, the track, the court or running, cycling the trails or tarmac.  Or all of them.

Contact me for more information, in the meantime enjoy watching this space as it’s transformed as it will provide you with a platform to find out more about how we all work and how we can all improve our lives through the power of the mind and spoken voice.

A huge thank you to Martin for all his amazing hard work.