Hypnotherapy & Cancer Care

As the Clinical Hypnotherapist at Breast Cancer Haven Wessex I submitted a piece for their social media.  Here I share it with all of you.  If you know anyone who has or has breast cancer please let them know we are here at BCH nationwide to help them pre, during and post treatment.

A lot, if not most of the clients I work with at BCH have a natural fear of cancer reoccurring even whilst still undergoing treatment.  But also post treatment, when patients are suddenly thrown into the reality of the world again.  Trying to come to terms with the changes that have occurred in their lives can be challenging mentally.  Life has changed, views of life has changed, work focus changes.

This is a lot for the individual to cope/deal with alone. 

Emotions and feelings are disruptive and the mind plays horrible tricks on all of us, but especially in patients undergoing or post treatment.

During cancer treatment it is a constant reminder (of diagnosis) and associated issues come along such as sleep difficulties and anxiety.

I help visitors that choose or are recommended to see me at BCH Wessex to declutter the noisy mind and use Coaching and Hypnotherapy as a highly effective way to create coping strategies.  Helping to reduce fears and worries about treatment side effects and associated experiences.

Most importantly I help to quieten the noisy mind and rebuild a new way forwards.

Nigel Strong

Breast Cancer Haven Clinical Hypnotherapist

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